Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to Sauerkraut Recipe Secrets

Hello friends,

Welcome to the Sauerkraut Recipe blog. I am going to share with you my secrets to making delicious cultured foods. I will focus on making sauerkraut, but I will also address other cultured foods such as KimChi, pickles, pickled vegetables, miso, kefir, and more. Making cultured foods is an art form, it is Alchemy!

I recently read this neat introduction to the book "Wild Fermentation" by Sandor Katz. Quote:

"The process of fermenting foods—to preserve them and to make them more digestible and more nutritious—is as old as humanity....
fermented foods are valued for their health-giving properties and for their complex tastes....
The science and art of fermentation is, in fact, the basis of human culture—without culturing, there is no culture. Nations that still consume cultured foods, like France with its wine and cheese, and Japan with its pickles and miso, are recognized as nations that have culture. Culture begins at the farm, not in the opera house, and binds a people to a land and its artisans. Many commentators have observed that America is a nation lacking culture—how can we be cultured when we only eat food that has been canned, pasteurized and embalmed? How ironic that the road to culture in our germophobic technological society requires, first and foremost, that we enter into an alchemical relationship with bacteria and fungi, and that we bring to our tables foods and beverages prepared by the magicians, not machines...."

Neat article!

I use the Harsch fermentation crock pot to make my sauerkraut recipe. It is the best tool available.

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Mike Snyder
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